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Department for Clinical Radiation Oncology


Department head

Dr. Harun Badakhshi, MD PhD

Chief Physician 


Senior lecturer / Assoc. professor
Charité Medical School 
Humboldt University Berlin



Phone: +49 331 24136802 

Email: Harun.Badakhshi (at)


Research communication /publications


Clinical focus


Neurooncology, including brain metastases, brain tumors, base of scull tumors with dedicated technology for high precision radiotherapy

RapidArc, radiosurgery (SRS) and IMRT

We work closely with our neurosurgical and neurology departments in order to provide best possible medicine to our patients. One example hereby is the neurooncology tumor board, where we discuss each individual case in a multidisciplinary team of experts 



Thoracic oncology, including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, thymoma with concepts of a innovative medicine with all available technology of high precision radiotherapy

RapidArc, radiosurgery (SRS, SABR / SBRT) and conventional IMRT

Our Center for Thoracic Oncology Potsdam (CTOP) provides best possible therapy concepts in joint efforts with

A highly sophisticated department for innovative thoracic surgery, head:

Dr Mahmoud Ismail

Interventional pulmonology, head: Dr Hartwig Schütte 

One example hereby is the thoracic oncology tumor board, where we discuss each individual case in a multidisciplinary team of experts. 



Digital medicine (eHealth, digital health)

A joint project has been initiated in March 2018 in regard to conceptualize and realize information and communication technologies (ICT) for patients of Ernst von Bergmann Medical Center.

We are collaborating with start-ups and we have the honor to work with the Digital Health Center at the university of Potsdam



Clinical research


> Metastases research (including clinical trials, conceptual work)

Focus on cancer with oligometastases / oligometastatic cancer


Selected publications  (JCO, joint trial)


> Innovations in interdisciplinary thoracic oncology, esophageal cancer, including immunotherapy and precision radiotherapy, thymoma 


Selected publications


> Image-guided high precision radiotherapy: concepts and practice 


Selected publications 


> Neurooncology


Selected publications 



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