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International Office

The international office at the Klinikum Ernst von Bergmann offers support for international patients from abroad as well as for residents and their relatives planning to come for treatment.


Our international office provides one single point of contact for patients regarding treatment requests, cost estimates, appointments and final statement of account.


We offer assistance in visa application and in all questions before and during your stay.


In order to evaluate the treatment options at the Ernst von Bergmann Clinical Center, we need current medical reports. Please send them via E-Mail, Fax or regular mail.


If you need a personal treatment offer please do not hesitate to contact us.



Dr.rer.nat. Kathrin Sebelin-Wulf


Tel: +49.331 241 3 7776

Fax: +49.331 241 3 7770

 E-Mail: ksebelinwulf(at)



Doreen Mahlow 


Tel: +49.331 241 3 7776

Fax: +49.331 241 3 7770

 E-Mail: dmahlow(at)