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On the day that you come into hospital for inpatient treatment, you generally have to register with our Central Admission Office. This is located at the main entrance, to the right of the central information counter. Please draw a number from the dispenser. The next member of staff who is free will call you into the admission office.


On admission, you will be given the following documents: admission leaflet/ information sheet, treatment contract, general terms of contract and a copy of the house rules. You can also download these documents from this page so that you can become familiar with their content.


The following checklist should help you with packing your bags for your stay in hospital:
  • Letter of referral
  • Letters, previous findings, X-ray pictures and reports by your GP or the referring physician, hospital or care institution
  • Insurance card
  • Confirmation by your private health insurance company that costs will be met
  • Vaccination record card
  • Allergy record card
  • ID card
  • List of medication
  • Addresses of next of kin


Depending on how long you are envisaged to stay, please remember also:
  • Underwear/ nightwear
  • Sufficient clothes
  • Dressing gown
  • Jogging suit
  • Towels
  • Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, cosmetics)
  • Hair dryer (if needed)
  • Cases for glasses and - if applicable – dentures
  • Writing paper, pen
  • Books or magazines/ Interesting reading material is also available from our library
  • CD or cassette player


An urgent request: Pickpockets are everywhere, unfortunately also in hospital. For that reason, please do not bring any valuables, jewellery or larger amounts of cast. In exceptional cases, you will be asked to deposit valuable items on receipt at the hospital's cash office.