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Discharge/ Follow-up care

In our view, patients have the right to expect a well prepared and coordinated discharge from hospital or transfer to another health-care institution. Therefore, we try to ensure with the help of the Social Services team a successful discharge or transfer management for our patients.


All patients who continue to require care or help and/or follow-up treatment (AHB) or follow-up care (AHG) or other rehabilitation measures after their inpatient treatment in our hospital will be individually attended to and advised by our medical and nursing staff and Social Services team. The hospital's Social Services team will provide you with advice and support and will assist with the application, organisation and coordination of measures, including transport if appropriate. All essential information about your illness and treatment will be given to you or in good time communicated to the institution which will provide your follow-up care.


If you are discharged from the hospital without the need for further treatment, you will be given a physician's letter for the continuing outpatient treatment by your doctor with a record of diagnoses, treatments and prescribed medication if applicable. Please do not forget to book out of the hospital on your day of discharge and also to pay any outstanding bills at the cash office. Also, please collect any valuables and/or cash that you may have deposited with us.