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Social Services

Our Social Service team deals with our patients' immediate social and personal problems in conjunction with their illness.


In addition to provide opportunities for talking, our Social Services team also give advice in questions of social support and social law and in psychosocial conflicts; they assist with applications for disabled IDs, for services from the care insurance and help with pensions, BSHG social benefits and benefits from hardship funds. They also deal with follow-up medical care, follow-up treatments, geriatric rehabilitation, alcohol detoxication, early rehabilitation, care and supervision, health care power of attorney and much more.


In addition, the following services are provided:
  • Advice centres
  • Self-help groups
  • Home nursing
  • Home help
  • Remedies and aids
  • "Meals on wheels"
  • Emergency alert system
  • Home hospice service
  • Day-care centres


If spiritual support is wanted, the hospital chaplaincy can be contacted via the ward staff. You will find understanding listeners of your own faith background.